Benefits Case


Benefits only fully available with open international standards:

New Markets

  • New markets created and market access made easier
  • Exports Enabled driving GDP Growth
  • International trade easier for Contractors, Product Manufactures, Vendors

Scale Benefits

  • Vendors able to invest in better tools for AEC supply chain
  • Whole life asset management for governments and clients

Improved Performance

  • Government and client procurement and operational savings
  • AEC participants and vendors less waste
  • Improved techniques leading to improved margins

Industry Development

  • Shared learning environment
  • Increasing value contribution per capita
  • De-risked growth
  • New boundaries on which to compete

The built environment industry fully enabled for the digital economy

Specific Benefits

Building Owners / Operators will benefit from digitally enabled standardized information allowing better project definition, delivery and asset operation.

Software Vendors will benefit from standardized processes for advanced features.

Product Manufactures / Users will benefit from clients, designers and engineers accessing information from product manufacturers and suppliers in a timely way.

Infrastructure will benefit in the same way that the building Industry benefits from BIM standards for Infrastructure.

Tier I Contractors will benefit from process driven methods which de-risk operations and underwrite improved financial performance

And shared research programs de-risk technical paths for next generation standards.