Best Practices with Digital Layout on Projects Big and Small

May 11, 2022 @ 12:00 pm Eastern

Installing work accurately is an obvious, but challenging, step in any digital project execution. This presentation will review practical workflows in the design model, trade/fabrication modeling, and layout/execution process including:

  1. Model Accuracy: Don’t coordinate with 5mm of tolerance if you can’t layout & install with that same tolerance
  2. Establishing Proper A Coordinate Space in the modeling environment
  3. Challenges from Unique Units (US Survey Feet vs. International Feet)
  4. IFC Auditing to ensure compliance with US Survey Feet based layout
  5. How to establish and maintain a jobsite survey control network
  6. The role of different layout & QC tools: Robotic Total Stations, Survey GPS, LIDAR, and Dimensioned Coordination/Working Drawings with a trusty tape measure.
  7. Methods of “round tripping” data into a model environment
  8. Don’t go it alone & Importance of partners: Designers, Trade Contractors, Licensed Surveyors, and the entire General Contractor/Construction Management team.

Speaker: John Tocci Jr. (VDC Manager at PCL Construction)