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buildingSMART International (bSI) is delighted to welcome you as a member. Members get a variety of benefits and continue to support the overall mission. buildingSMART aims to enable digital ways of working in the built asset industry and provides a variety of benefits for members.

This site is your resource center for

  1. Getting started at buildingSMART
  2. Materials that you might need or use
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For access to the folders, please fill out the members form and access will be granted. Please check you inbox for the meeting access invitation.

Learn About the bSI Process

Find out about how Solutions and Standards are governed

The bSI Process describes how the Solutions and Standards program, the User Program and the Certification Program works.

In short the documents in the bSI Process help you to:

  • Better understand the process
  • Find out how solutions and standards are developed
  • Find out how to get involved

Welcome Pack

Getting Started

To get your company started, bSI is pleased to share with you a welcome pack. In this welcome pack you will find information about how to get involved, what membership benefits you get and more information about the bSI Process.

Download Your Logo

You can download exclusive members logo's from the members' area. Don't forget, to get access, you need to register using the form above.

Learn More

You can download the PDF version of the welcome presentation which provides further details of buildingSMART and the community. This on-boarding presentation provides useful links you may need as a member.

Register for the Forum

We encourage all members to register for the Forum. The forum is a great resource area for help with your technical or business needs.

What to do next

Let us know who to contact

  • In order for buildingSMART International to contact the right person at your organization, we need to know a little bit more about he key contacts at your company. You can submit on behalf of a colleague and let us know who;
    • The main point of contact
    • Your voting contact person
    • Your business manager

Meet the Team

Richard Petrie

Richard Petrie

Chief Executive
Richard leads the buildingSMART International team and is also a keen cyclist.
Richard Kelly

Richard Kelly

Operations Director
Richard Kelly is in charge of the Solutions and Standards program. You can find me cycling at any given opportunity. You can contact Richard here
Aidan Mercer

Aidan Mercer

Marketing Director
Aidan Mercer is the Marketing Director for buildingSMART International and can be seen running most Saturday mornings.
Léon van Berlo

Léon van Berlo

Technical Director
Léon heads up the technical vision and strategy and is also a keen cyclist and once ran a bike brand called Berlotti.
Sheila Kerai-Lum

Sheila Kerai-Lum

Operations and Event Manager
Sheila Kerai-Lum provides support to the day-to-day running of the business and is the manager of the Summits. You can find Sheila with a glass of Champagne on the weekend.
Jon Proctor

Jon Proctor

International Projects Manager
Jon Proctor is the International Projects Manager and helps to coordinate the various rooms and all their activities. Just don't challenge him to a game of golf as you'll probably lose.
Claire Whittaker

Claire Whittaker

Claire manage the accounts and is a keen trail runner and takes part in wife carrying competitions.