IFC Rail Candidate Standard is Available for Review and Comment

IFC Rail Project

IFC Rail has reached Candidate Standard and is ready for international review. buildingSMART is calling on the industry for comments and feedback on the candidate standard.

As part of the buildingSMART International consensus, input is required in order to progress the standard to the next stage of the bSI process. All standards go through this process in order to reach consensus. buildingSMART currently has 20+ active projects.

The IFC Rail standard is a key document aimed at developing an international standard for the rail industry. The standard document explains the results of the requirement analysis and the business conceptual model. It also covers the expanding use of IFC specifications for the rail domain by describing its purpose, and driving force and the overall development of the standard. You can read the more in-depth reports above.

Richard Petrie, Chief Executive, buildingSMART International commented that “the Rail Candidate standard is a major project - the biggest in our history and it crosses international boundaries. Many people have been watching with great interest to see how this project develops and how the team has worked hard to deliver to the plan. The drive and ambition to improve the rail industry is something we should all be inspired to emulate.”

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