Linking Design, Construction and Asset Management Data Models using Open BIM-GIS Standards

November 9, 2022 @12pm Eastern

Data models are created during planning, survey, design, construction, operations and maintenance phases of the asset life cycle using different modeling standards and practices. This webinar focuses on data models created in design, construction, and asset management systems. The speakers will present how data models created across these systems can be linked to create enterprise project and asset information models. In the process, presenters will highlight the use of building information modeling  (BIM) and geospatial information system (GIS) tools, techniques and standards for data modeling and exchange.  The will involve discussion on emerging trends and best practices in building design models using asset information requirements (AIRs), provisioning asset data from design for use in enterprise data systems using standards like Industry  Foundation  Classes (IFC), utilizing open  BIM standards for facilitating data exchange,  enabling data flows between enterprise systems and deploying common data environments (CDE). The envisioned end-state of the linked design, construction, and asset information modeling environments will be presented along with ongoing research and development work in the industry. Finally,  the presenters will highlight key steps that transportation agencies can take to deploy a governed, BIM-GIS standards-based, asset data life cycle management ecosystem.

Speakers: Abhishek Bhargava (WSP) & Jag Mallela (WSP)