What's New ?


buildingSMART International has changed to meet the challenges of the building and infrastructure industry.  Read below to learn about our changes:

New Vision

buildingSMART International has a Bold New Vision for quality, engagement, and community for Open BIM within the global built environment sector.


  • Transition from volunteer-led to professionally-led
  • Become the Global Standards body of reference
  • Become the Global Certification body of reference


  • Expanded Membership offering
  • Become more accessible for participants & partners
  • Become the place for diverse people to work together
  • Engage the global Building & Infrastructure industry


  • Strengthen existing Chapters
  • Establish new Chapters
  • Engage with Chapters for Standards & Compliance

Professional Leadership

buildingSMART is transitioning from being volunteer-led to professionally-led.  Richard Petrie, our CEO, joined us in 2013. Richard Kelly joined us as our Operations Director in 2015. We’re still recruiting in 2015 for Business Manager, Standards Development, Compliance Leader, Chapter Outreach, and Webmaster.

How we work

Open for Membership

People, companies, governments, and institutions can now become members of buildingSMART. Membership options include standard membership, associate membership, international membership, and membership in our Strategic Advisory Committee.

Become a Member

Benefits of Membership


Three Core Programs

Three programs are at the heart of buildingSMART International, all requiring professional leadership and a dedication to quality and outreach. Each will be led by a professional under the direction of CEO Richard Petrie.


  • Formal and rigorous Standards development
  • Liaison with ISO and national standards bodies
  • Liaison with OGC
  • Open to all


  • For software, people, companies
  • Testing program development
  • Compliance training and testing


  • Chapter outreach and coordination
  • Chapter-building

Broadened Technical Vision

Our original IFC standards are important and useful, and we want to broaden our standards to make a more useful whole.

Technical Road Map

  • Map out our journey from today to a seamless technical future for the global Built Environment

GIS Standards

  • Develop a seamless connection between IFC and GIS
  • Work in liaison with OGC and ISO

Data Dictionary

  • Enabling world-wide product libraries

Work Flows

  • Exploit the semantic web opportunities

Commercial Reality

  • Understand and provide for commercial requirements

Website at Center of buildingSMART

You are viewing an early version of our dream.  We envision the bSI website to be the heart of our organization, containing all of our activity.  It will be at the virtual center of our standards development program and fully support collaborative activity from people around the globe.

Our website will reflect and embody our Vision—open, transparent and useful.