No Delays – Airport Data Connections from BIM to GIS

June 14, 2023 @12pm EDT

We often look at an airport map as we navigate through the airport during our flight connections to see where our next gate is or where the closest restroom is. These maps need to depict an accurate layout of the airport of where things are, especially as airports go through multiple renovation projects. An updated GIS map is integral to airport operations, being used by the general public, airport employees, as well as designers, and contractors. Join us in this webinar for a glance at what airport BIM to GIS can look like and explore the usage of IFC data consumption within GIS. As we continue to transfer BIM data to a geospatial setting, we leverage the use of data interoperability and promote the usage of OpenBIM – never miss a data connection at your airport when transferring data to GIS.

Speakers: David Alvarez (Esri) & Posh Supupramai (C&S Companies)