BIM2GIS Workgroup

Posh Supupramai

Posh Supupramai



National Aviation BIM Lead at HDR

Civil Engineer

Graduate of Florida Atlantic University

Steven P Santovasi

Steven P. Santovasi



Senior Product Manager at Esri

Technical Analyst for AVANGRID

Technology & Innovation Dept. Mgr - Burns & McDonnell

GIS Administrator – City of Waterbury

BIM2GIS Objectives

  • Work with bSI chapter to further develop established standards
  • Development of workflows for Horizontal BIM to GIS
  • Work with US Airports for the development and deployment of standards
  • Promote easy, seamless integration between IFC for Airports and GIS
  • Optimize Airport asset management and project delivery
  • Further development and deployment of Esri’s ArcGIS for Aviation
  • Establish IFC to GIS workflows for spatially correct imports
Esri plane

Horizontal BIM2GIS

  • Optimize data being transferred from Autodesk C3D to GIS
  • IFC import/export as they progress with design software
  • Airspace obstruction analysis
    • Filtering priorities for obstructions by object and object height
    • Color coding for field verifications to update the database
    • 3D representation on ArcGIS online (obstructions, parcel, height)

Vertical BIM2GIS

  • IFC to GIS
    • Proper workflow needed for correct geolocation imports
    • Categorization of IFC imports to GIS for proper classification by disciplines
    • Distinguish between design levels and asset floor levels - numerous design levels does not align with the actual building floors

BIM with GIS

  • More information integration to GIS = accurate depiction of the Airport’s interconnected system
    • Up to date asset management
    • Enable GIS users to access BIM data for analysis and preliminary design
  • Autodesk Connector for ArcGIS in C3D and Revit