Smooth Take Off – Asset Data’s Critical Role in Operational Readiness and Airport Transfer

May 10, 2023 @12pm EDT

The concept of operational readiness and airport transfer (ORAT) for newly constructed or renovated airport facilities is not a new one. Since the early 1990’s an entire consulting services market has developed from the idea that deliberate planning and trials in advance of a facility’s opening can ensure a smooth transition from static to dynamic operations. Unfortunately, today, ORAT still involves a significant amount of manual effort to acquire and assimilate the information necessary to properly plan, trial, and execute a smooth transition of a facility from construction to operation. Understanding the critical role that asset data plays in this process and utilizing open data standards to acquire the right data at the right time can significantly improve the quality of ORAT outcomes while reducing the effort and cost involved.

Speaker: Scott Yates (Woolpert)