bSDD Working Group



bSDD Working Group (bSdd-WG) is responsible for the evaluation and testing of the bSDD features and functionality and for promoting the development and utilization of data dictionary processes, formats and content. It also acts as a support, coordination and training working group for other working groups or projects with data dictionary requirements.

bSDD-WG is sponsored by the Product Room for the purpose of helping provide guidance and encourage consistency in the development of standardized terminology based on and supporting the bSI standards and utilizing the bSDD platform.

The role and purpose of the bSDD-WG is to:

  • Be responsible for developing standard guidelines, practices and procedures for using bSDD, for advancing user knowledge of those practices and procedures and for training in the use of bSDD and
  • Propose technical development activities to the DTWG and the Product Room
  • Be responsible for content management procedures and standards.

Composition & Operation

  • The bSDD-WG participation is open to all Product Room Steering Committee members, Product Room Sponsors with active projects and SAC and International members of bSI.
  • The bSDD WG will meet at least biweekly.
  • Liaises with DTSG and reports to the Product Room

The bSDD-WG will elect a Leader from its membership for a two year term, renewable indefinitely.