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buildingSMART International Standards

These standards have been voted by the Standards Committee as being Final Standards

IFC Base StandardsISO 16739-1:2018
IFC SpecificationsbSI Tech
BIM Collaboration Format XMLS1005BCF-XML
BIM Collaboration Format API version 2.1S1006BCF-API
IFD: Framework for object orientated informationISO-IFD
IFC4 Reference ViewS1002MVD
IFC4.1 – Alignment for InfrastructureS1004IFC4.1
Model View DefinitionsS1015mvdXML

buildingSMART Technical Reports

Nordic Study of Classification Systems for Infrastructure & Transportation v1.0IR-2020-1022-TRReport
e-submission common guidelines for introduce BIM to building processIR-2020-1015-TRReport
Application forms: Common information requirements for automated compliance checkingTR 1013Report
Beyond e-permitting: Framing the Business Case for Automated Rule Checking in AEC in the Era of Big DataTR-2020-1016-RRReport
Built environment data standards and their integration: an analysis of IFC, CityGML and LandInfraTR1012Report
IFC Infra Overall ArchitectureTR1009Report
Open Standards for RegulationTR1011Regulatory report
IFC bSDD Policy StatementN/ARegulatory report
Infra Asset ManagementTR1010Asset Management
Model View Definition for LANDXML v1.2N/ALANDXML v1.2
User Guide for Geo-referencing in IFCv2.0 Jan 2020User Guide
Geo-referencing in IFC - Executive Summaryv2.0 Jan 2020Executive Summary
Geo-referencing in IFC - Appendix A: Demonstration Scenario for Model Setup IDMv2.0 Jan 2020Appendix A
Geo-referencing in IFC - Appendix B: Geo-referencing BIMv2.0 Jan 2020Appendix B
Geo-referencing in IFC - Appendix C: Process Modelv2.0 Jan 2020Appendix C
Geo-referencing in IFC - Appendix D: MSI Exchange Requirementsv2.0 Jan 2020Appendix D

buildingSMART Candidate Standards

Candidate standards are activities that are in the process of acquiring international consensus before being submitted to the Standards Committee for the final vote.

Quantity Take-Off Information Delivery ManualBR-2020-1024-CSInformation here
Quantity Take-Off MVDBR-2020-1024-CSInformation here
IFC4 PrecastBR-2020-1023-CSInformation here
ifcOWL Ontology P21Information here
IFC4.2 – Schema Extensions for Bridges
P5Information here
IFC Rail Project - AbstractP26Information here
IFC Rail Project - Conceptual Model ReportP26Information here
IFC Rail Project - Context & ApproachP26Information here
IFC Rail Project - Data Requirement ReportP26Information here
IFC Rail Project - Requirement Analysis ReportP26Information here
UML Model Report – Part 1: Introduction to the IFC Harmonised Schema ExtensionsTR-2020-1019-IRaInformation here
UML Model Report – Part 2: Common Schema ElementsTR-2020-1019-IRbInformation here
UML Model Report – Part 3: Ports and Waterways ElementsTR-2020-1019-IRcInformation here
UML Model Report – Part 4: Railway Schema ElementsTR-2020-1019-IRdInformation here
UML Model Report – Part 5: Road Schema ElementsTR-2020-1019-IReInformation here

buildingSMART SPEC

buildingSMART SPEC is a document that can be produced by any organisation that wants to standardize best practice on a specific subject but is not yet ready to proceed with producing it as a bSI Standard.

It is a publicly available specification.

IFC Rail bSI SPECChina Rail BIM AlliancebSI SPEC Rail part 1
bSI SPEC Rail part 2
IFC Road bSI SPEC Korean Institute Construction TechnologySee below

Chapters 1 – 2Schedule and Development History
Chapter 3Infra IFC Schema (Express-G) V1.0
Chapters 4 – 5Infra IFC Entities including IfcRoad
Chapters 6 – 8Property Sets for IfcRoad V1.0
Chapter 9Infra IFC Specifications with IfcRoad V0.6

Published buildingSMART Related Standards Around the World

bSI RelationshipPublisherContentLink
buildingSMART National StandardsUSAUS CoBie Version 2.4NIBS
buildingSMART National StandardsUSAUS HVCAiebSA
buildingSMART National StandardsUSAUS SPARKiebSA
buildingSMART National StandardsUSAUS WSiebSA
IFC BasedBSI*PAS 1192-3:2014British Standards
IFC BasedBSI*BS 1192-4:2014British Standards
IFC BasedAukland UniversityContent ModelsAuckland University
IFC BasedPankow FoundationUS BIM Standard for Precast ConcretePankow Foundation
IFC BasedPankow FoundationUS Owner's Guide to BIMPankow Foundation
IFC BasedAmerican Institute of Steel ConstructionBIM steel initiativesAISC

* BSI (British Standards Institution)

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