Calls for Participation

buildingSMART International offers opportunities for community participation in key projects through periodic Calls for Participation.  These offer industry experts the opportunity to contribute to the development of new solutions and standards to be formally adopted by buildingSMART and industry.

Being part of a bSI project can help shape your industry and ensure your needs are met and views represented.  By contributing to your industry, you can help ensure the alignment of your company’s goals, requirements, products, and services.  Be a leader in defining what the future will be by shaping and defining the standards that your industry relies on.   For more information about participation, please contact us. 

The IFC4precast project is bringing alignment and standardization to exchange formats in the prefabrication process, enabling open digital workflows in the specification and use of precast concrete.

This standard will deliver the value of BIM into the precast process and align specialized precast CAD solutions and automation facilities such as precast Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), Production Planning systems (PPS) and ERP systems more closely through common languages and data formats via the international IFC standard. This will provide better visibility for designers and contractors and provide whole-life value for asset operations throughout the lifecycle.

The project is supported by the building SMART International community and members of industry. Read More . . 

The international IFC for Site, Landscape, and Urban Planning project is investigating further development of the IFC schema to embrace the domain of sites, landscapes, and urban planning with the creation of open standard-based data modeling, workflows, and data exchanges for procurement, construction, and operations.   As BIM increases in adoption and complexity, more stakeholders in the process are being asked to contribute in a meaningful way, connecting and exchanging an ever-increasing variety of data sources.

Industry domain experts from around the globe may participate in this project, including both members and non-members of buildingSMART.   BuildingSMART is seeking broad international consensus. Read more  . . 

IFC Airport. buildingSMART International (bSI) invites participation in a specialist domain for developing and deploying open digital standards specifically for the airport environment. The “Airport Program”, together with the Asset Management department at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport, is assembling a team with bSI. Airport facilities perform in a world where horizontal meets vertical, managing information both above ground and along the surface. Airport Asset Managers and Facility Operators depend on this dual site information to run their facilities in support of the key objective whilst also ensuring security, efficiency and cost-effectiveness. As more organizations become info-centric, having reliable and reusable information becomes paramount in achieving a decision-making process based on verifiable and factual data covering various asset types.  Read More . . 

IFC Road Many designers and contractors currently struggle to share or leverage the full potential of BIM.  As an owner/operator,

  • Do you ask for 2D drawings or basic PDF deliverables even though your road project was modeled in 3D?
  • Is the project handover information insufficient to manage your highway assets?
  • Do you seek more consistent approaches to design, construction and operations?
  • Could you save money if designers and contractors had a more standard way of exchanging information?  Read More . . 

 IFC Bridge has reached Candidate Standard and is ready for international review. buildingSMART is calling on the industry for comment with access to the candidate standard available here.

You can review and comment via the Forum which can be accessed here.

As part of the buildingSMART International consensus process, input is required in order to progress the standard to the next stage of the bSI process. All standards go through this process in order to reach consensus. buildingSMART currently has 20 active projects.

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