Airport Room

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The mission of the Airport Room is to develop and deploy open digital standards for the airport environment. The unification of digital airport standards will enable more efficient working from the common supply chain and create a uniform approach for the industry.

Steering Committee

The steering committee is led by a representative of the Asset Management department at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport.  The steering committee is responsible for policy and decisions on standards development in airport asset management, approval of results, raising sponsorship income,  establishing projects and project leads, establishing working groups to address identified work items, and oversight management of the Airport Room and its working groups and projects to ensure the buildingSMART Process is followed.

steering committee

Key Objectives

  • Unification of specified digital open and neutral standards used in the airport industry to enable more efficient and effective practices
    • Enabling economies of scale with the supply chain and maintenance suppliers
    • Linking to the wider buildingSMART environment to allow airport Asset Managers to use the buildingSMART developments in their portfolio
    • Completing the existing standards with airport-specific objects, data and processes
  • Integration of these standards to align the building, infrastructure and airport processes, to complete the airport context
  • Enabled asset management decisions based on cost, risk and performance derived from BIM for the entire lifecycle of airport facilities
  • Innovative solutions decisions designed to reduce disruption at airports and more easily repurpose facilities
  • Collaboration with the other buildingSMART rooms to maximize the efficiency in reuse of existing information

Learn More

To learn more about the Airport Room and the activities here, or contribute in the work, please contact us.


Current Project and Activities

  • Workplan: To create a workplan that focuses on better management of airport specific assets
  • Exchange requirements: To develop requirements for the streamlined exchange of space and location information between BIM and GIS.
  • Model View Definition: To develop an MVD for GIS.
  • Functional requirements: To identify the functional requirements of a Common Data Environment (CDE) for airport facilities
  • Hackathon: To organize a hackathon that will demonstrate the opportunity that structured information offers airports to better decisions and optimize the performance of airport assets