Building Room



The core mission of the Building Room is to create open digital standards and solutions by enabling intelligent data that either contributes to the planning, design and construction of buildings, or the ongoing operations and maintenance. This will enable process and data integration for buildings for the entire lifecycle.

Steering Committee

The Building Room is led by a steering committee comprised of representatives from international members and local buildingSMART chapters.  The steering committee facilitates the project and activities of the room, interacts with and provides reports to the standards committee, leads the room sessions at buildingSMART summits, and ensures the buildingSMART Process is followed.


Key Objectives

  • Open standard data exchange for building whole life management
  • Asset management exchange of information
  • Enduring archives of asset information
  • Digital project management

Learn More

To learn more about the Building Room and the activities here, or contribute in the work, please contact us.


Current Project and Activities

  • MVD Quantity Take-off: To create an openBIM user view for Quantity Take-off (QTO) assessments.
  • MVD Energy Simulation: To create an openBIM-user view for energy transfer calculation
  • IDM Model Set Up: To develop a common model setup protocol based on existing practice for IFC4.
  • LOX: To review the current range of LoD and LoI protocols with a view to finding commonalities for a standard.
  • MVD Facility Management Handover: To create an openBIM user view for managing handover from construction to operation (COBie)
  • IFC4 Precast: To create an internationally standardized, future-proof interface based on interfaces already used in the preliminary process as well as historic interfaces used in the prefabrication process
  • IFC Rebar: To provide a protocol for the exchange of data related to reinforcing steel between software applications
  • IFC for Site, Landscape, and Urban Planning: To create open standards-based data Modeling, workflows, and data exchanges for site, landscape, and urban planning design, procurement, construction and operations
  • DfMA and Lean Construction: To explain the links between openBIM principles, Lean principles and asset management
  • IDM Configurator: To develop an international standard for exchanging IDM and MVD data (ISO 29481 Part 3 or 4)

In addition, there are a number of working groups developing future projects in the disciplines of Fire Safety, Spacial Zones, IDM Configurator, Timber Construction, Steel Construction, Structural Engineering, and more.