Product Room



The purpose of the Product Room is the development and provision of processes, templates, tools and functionality to enable the robust and efficient use of product data, relevant third-party standards, classification systems and other forms of structured content for openBIM.

Steering Committee

The steering committee is led by a representative of the National Institute of Building Sciences (NIBS) and comprised of representatives from international members and local buildingSMART chapters.  The steering committee facilitates the project and activities of the room, interacts with and provides reports to the standards committee, leads the room sessions at buildingSMART summits, and ensures the buildingSMART Process is followed.


Key Objectives

  • Develop the tools and templates that support the buildingSMART Data Dictionary
  • Enable the efficient use of product data in projects and subsequent asset management
  • Develop and execute projects for product support to advance the development of openBIM
  • Facilitate the translation and localization of IFC

Learn More

To learn more about the Product Room and the activities here, or contribute in the work, please contact us.


Current Project and Activities

  • Shared terminology standards libraries, tools and procedures including to:
    • review and ensure proper alignment with related standards projects at CEN and ISO
    • review and improve tools for working with terminology including IfcDoc – bSDD integration
    • provide for utilization of IFC entities and properties in bSDD and procedures for use
    • establish a general process for translation of IFC (language and subjects) that incorporates CEN/ISO/bSI quality standards and identifies role for bSI chapters.
  • Work within bSI on activities such as:
    • Revisions of the Library Exchange Standard (LEXS) plan to establish a specification for an Ontology Framework to use bSDD-content for linking to other ontologies in liaison with the CEN-workgroup CEN/TC442/WG4/TG3 NWIP modelling and linking between ontologies.
    • Advancing the supply chain needs in a proposal to connect bSI and GS-1 standards
  • Working Group for Content and Quality Management: To develop bSI standard for content and quality management of library data
  • Working Group for Product Data Templates: To develop bSI standard for Product Data Templates
  • Working Group – Classification in Models: To develop bSI standard for connecting models and classification systems.