Regulatory Room



The purpose of the Regulatory Room is helping project owners and regulatory authorities benefit from the use of openBIM.  The vision is an automated regulatory process, achieved by supporting gradual change in workflow from manual to automated, to safeguard the legal perspective.

Steering Committee

The Regulatory Room is led by a steering committee comprised of representatives from international members and local buildingSMART chapters.  The steering committee facilitates the project and activities of the room, interacts with and provides reports to the standards committee, leads the room sessions at buildingSMART summits, and ensures the buildingSMART Process is followed.


Key Objectives

  • Standardize processes, work-flows and procedures for regulators based on openBIM and support them with tools, guidelines and manuals
  • Support interoperability between Regulatory, Requirements and Recommendatory (RRR) content
  • Provide an open discussion room for each government’s building regulators, researchers, and implementers to promote openBIM based processes and collaborative issues
  • Be an arena for government regulatory bodies to share information, inspire and implement automated code checking using openBIM standards including ISO 16739 in real life situations.
  • Lead and manage projects and initiatives to facilitate and influence adoption by stakeholders.

Learn More

To learn more about the Regulatory Room and the activities here, or contribute in the work, please contact us.


Current Project and Activities

  • e-Submission Guidelines: A Candidate buildingSMART Technical Report to deliver a common understanding of approvals and evaluation of BIM institutionalization.
  • Application Forms Report and MVD Project Proposal (in progress)
  • Automated Code Compliance: Continued development of the business case and enhancement of current technologies to develop a model checker that performs rule-based code compliance checks within the BIM model
  • Requirements Research: On Application forms and data requirements for automated code compliance
  • Regulatory Roadmap: Continued development of the Regulatory Room Roadmap with short, medium and long-term goals
  • BIM in Regulatory Processes: Use case and requirements development for regulatory processes, such as permitting, BIM data management, and Common Data Environment (CDE)