Toronto Standards Summit a Success

The Toronto Standards Conference was well supported with circa 90 attendees.

Key milestones achieved during the summit include:

  • the new standards process and website were formally launched, comments and suggestions for refinement of the new standards process are invited by 31/12/2014
  • a new Room was established for the Regulatory domain,
  • the XML specification for version 2.0 of the BIM Collaboration Format (BCF) was approved as a bSI Final Standard. BCF is a data-methodology to communicate BIM issues between actors.
  • the IDM standard ISO 29481-2 was formally adopted as a bSI Final Standard
  • the mvdXML specification and associated tools to verify BIM deliverables were approved as a bSI Final Standards and endorsed BIM Tools. bSI thanks the Pankow Foundation for funding this work.
  • a number of project, including the Coordination View for IFC4 and the IFC 4 Alignment project for Infrastructure reported good progress,
  • A Task Force was established to focus on People Certification and training to support BIM implementation.
  • A new project to develop an IDM for Building Programming was accepted.

buildingSMART thanks the Canada Chapter and their sponsors for the excellent organisation and hospitality.