openBIM Training Courses

bS-USA has Registered Training Providers that are currently offering the following courses –

Foundation - (openBIM®)

1WHAT IS BIM? Understand what BIM is, why it is needed, and recognize its specific terminology.
2BENEFITS OF openBIM Recognize the advantages of BIM compared to traditional project delivery.
3BIM PROCESSES Understand the project information management with BIM, according to the ISO 19650 series.
4openBIM STANDARDS Recognize the need for open and interoperable solutions.
5PROCESSES WITHIN AN ORGANIZATION Understand the terms and measures of BIM capability within an organization.

This self-paced online course includes learning material, self-administered quizzes, 90 minutes of online real-time colloquia with the training provider, and a 30-minute online examination.

openBIM for Project & Contract Management

1openBIM Fundamentals & Teamwork
Match objectives to Organization and Project Goals and develop Organization Information Requirements (OIR) based on enterprise objectives. Identify meaningful metrics, differentiate controllable and uncontrollable factors. Foster collaborative mindsets, lead teams to evaluate options and arrive at consensus resolutions. Take action before, during, and after meetings to optimize outcomes.
2Digital Deliverables Management
Develop practical Model Development Specification (MDS) and verify compliance; employ LOD properly. Include requirements and standards expectations directly in Requests for Proposal . Create contracts that leverage model uses and Model as Legal Document provisions. Specify and create reliable object libraries for use in design, construction, and automation.
3Supporting Standards and Technologies
Explain the utility and application of each of IFC IFD IDM MVD. Develop clear, concise, comprehensive exchange requirements. Develop model checking procedures and rules to expedite model validation. Specify and maintain shared data repositories. Practical application of BCF. Accurately and effectively apply geolocation for models, and appropriately employ data dictionary.

This course is delivered in three 3-hour sessions (total 9 hours) in a Virtual Classroom. Minimum 6 participants per session with 2 Instructors per session. Successful candidates will receive a buildingSMART USA Certificate of Completion.