Upcoming Webinars

Design for Manufacturing
Wednesday, September 13, 2023 @12pm Eastern

DFMA, or Design for Manufacture and Assembly is a growing field within the AEC industry, hear from leading experts on both the design, modeling, and fabrication sides of DFMA.

Speaker: Clayton Lyons (Prefix DfMA)

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IFC Show and Tell – What you can do with IFC and how to work with the data
Wednesday, November 8, 2023 @4pm Eastern

BIMForum & buildingSMART USA presents a webinar on IFC and how you can work with the data. Presented at a special time for viewers in both the US, and Australia & New Zealand.

Speaker: Dion Moult (Lendlease)

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On Demand Webinars

2023-08-09Digital Delivery: Building the Digital CathedralIndustryAsset Data, Caltrans, Digital Delivery, DOT, Industry Committee
2023-07-15Combining openBIM with GIS to deliver Digital TwinsIndustryIFC, Infrastructure, open GIS, openBIM
2023-06-15No Delays – Airport Data Connections from BIM to GISIndustryAirport, BIM, IFC, open GIS, Open Standards
2023-05-18Smooth Take Off - Asset Data’s Critical Role in Operational Readiness and Airport TransferIndustryAirport, Asset Data, IFC, Open Standards, Operation
2023-04-15Digital Twin Today - Demystifying Twins into Modular StepsIndustryAirport, Digital Twin, IFC, Open Standards
2023-03-14Beyond Technology - A look at the disconnect between VDC and business practices in our industryIndustry,TechnicalBIMForum, VDC
2023-02-11Advancing Digital Delivery and Open Standards in the Private and Public SectorsIndustry,TechnicalDigital Delivery, IFC, openBIM
2022-12-17Expanding openBIM Standards and Implementations with openCDEIndustry,TechnicalBIM, OpenCDE, Standards, Technical Committee, Working Group
2022-11-15Linking Design, Construction and Asset Management Data Models using Open BIM-GIS StandardsIndustry,TechnicalBIM, IFC, open GIS, openBIM
2022-10-14Improving Digital Asset Data Delivery in Capital ProjectsIndustryAirport, Data Operability, Industry Committee
2022-09-19Impacts of the New LOD DefinitionsIndustryBIMForum, LOD
2022-05-20Best Practices with Digital Layout on Projects Big and SmallIndustryBCF, BIMForum, IFC, openBIM
2022-04-14Review of bSI Spring 2022 Virtual Summit Technical Room DiscussionsTechnicalbSI Virtual Summit Review, IFC, Technical Committee
2022-03-09Infrastructure Project Success Examples UsingopenBIMIndustrybSI Awards, Infrastructure, openBIM
2022-02-09The New (and Old) Face of the BIMForumIndustryBIMForum, Building, Industry Committee
2021-12-08buildingSMART USA’s Airport Room Takes Flight! (Part 2)IndustryAirport, Industry Committee
2021-07-14openBIM: An Owner’s PerspectiveIndustryGSA, openBIM, Owner
2022-01-12Introducing the bS-USA Solution Provider GroupTechnicalSPG, Technical Committee
2021-10-13IFC Today and Tomorrow: Toward a New Architecture of InteroperabilityTechnicalIFC, Technical Committee
2021-11-10buildingSMART USA’s Airport room takes flight!IndustryAirport, Industry Committee
2021-09-08Creating openBIM and open GIS for Infrastructure and CitiesIndustryCities, Infrastructure, open GIS, openBIM
2021-08-11The buildingSMART Data Dictionary (bSDD) Service & US national standard content (USDD)TechnicalbSDD, Technical Committee, USDD
2021-06-23Meet the New buildingSMART USA Technical CommitteeTechnicalTechnical Committee