Airport Committee

Cindy Baldwin



Cindy Baldwin is the President of VDCO Tech Inc.

Cindy is recognized nationally for her expertise in BIM/ VDC.

Cindy is highly regarded for her practical, real-world approach to implementation and process.

Cindy is a Certified General Contractor, LEED-AP, CM-BIM and CM-LEAN certified. Cindy is the Women in BIM Florida USA Regional Lead and Chair of the USIBD Project Data Committee.

Cindy is the inaugural Chair of buildingSMART USA’s new Airport Industry Committee.


My Role as Chair

  • Create a Healthy Team Environment
  • Paint the Big Picture
  • Learn from the Customer
  • Put it in Practice

Benefits of Joining the buildingSMART USA Airport Room

  • Email newsletters and briefing updates
  • Educational Resources
  • Connectivity with peers
  • Identifying ROI and use case
  • BIM funding / crowdsourcing portal for projects
  • Marketing & promotion for your firm
  • Provides a conduit to the buildingSMART International Users Groups

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Airport Industry Committee Objectives

  • Liaise with bSI Airports Steering Committee
  • Coordinate bSI Airport Working Groups
  • Input US Requirements to bSI Process
  • Recruit US Domain Experts
  • Collaboration with FAA, AAAE, NIBS, etc.
  • Describe Airport specific Processes and Use Cases
  • Liaise with the Education Committee to increase industry awareness of the value of open standards
  • openBIM Case Studies
  • Validate Vendor Implementations

Value Proposition:

  • Together with Airport Asset Managers and Operators, bSI and USA offer a collective effort to solve common problems.
  • Solutions are based on consensus-approved open standards that enable asset lifecycle value.
web Value Prop

bSI Airport Room was created in 2016 and currently has participation from Austria, Turkey, Finland, UAE, Switzerland, China and the USA Chapters. Amersterdam Shiphol Airport Asset Management Department and Auckland Airport are major contributors to the International Efforts. Our US Airport Committees work closely with our International colleagues as we work to increase industry awareness of the value of open standards for airports.

bSI Airport Room Current Efforts

  • Identifying a list of airport-specific IFC elements
  • Connecting BIM and GIS
  • Sharing data to advance our industry
  • Using BIM to simulate the complex interdependencies of airport systems
  • Airport-specific aspects of digital twin considerations