Data Workgroup

Scott Yates


Scott Yates


Director, Digital Transformation at Woolpert

Master of Science – Industrial Technology

IBM Certified Deployment Specialist – Maximo

The future of work is spatial based and mobile. Enabling this future is dependent on Data Interoperability!

Big Data

Data Sharing Work Stream - Objectives

  • Prioritize Top Opportunities in Plan/Design/Build/Operate Lifecycle for Improvement of Data Interoperability
  • Identify Standards, Methods, and Solutions to Target the Highest Value Opportunities
  • Utilize the Industry Social Networks and SMEs to Define and Dvelop the Standards, Methods, and Solutions
  • Enable the Community to Access and Use the Standards, Methods, and Solutions


Our Data Work Stream will look to DEFINE and EXPOIT the opportunities while we work to ESTABLISH and UTILIZE Open Standards

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Can't focus Too Much on the Technology - Can't Assume Your Vendors Use Same Systems

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Can't focus Too Much on the Process - Dictating Means and Methods in Contracts is Costly

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FOCUS ON THE DATA ! - Establish Data Standards, Define the Output