Digital Twin Workgroup

Jerry Schwinghammer Willow


Jerry Schwinghammer Willow

Senior Program Manager, Willow

Associate Parter n– Airport Consulting, DXC Technology

Chief Technology Officer – Charlotte Douglas Airport

Chief Technology Officer – City of Charlotte

Manager of Technology Planning – Orlando Airport

Strategic Planner – City of Orlando

The Airport Digital Twin Workgroup will work to identify and define common Digital Twin challenges so that opportunities for industry advancement and open standards can be further explored and developed.

Common Challenges that current exist are:

Creating a single source of truth requires significant data cleansing, rectification, and standards.

Old systems and work arounds will be revealed and will need resolution to get data flowing smoothly.

Establishing a coherent vision of a Digital Twin is a fluid process.

A core team is a must to carry the program forward and push through issues.

Model development present challenges in data age and standards


Problems to be solved:

  1. Awareness and a Common Definition of Digital Twin for Airports
    • AAAE, ACRP, - High level
    • Ontology & Schema (GRAPH, Relational databases)
    • Use case emphasis and focus
  2. Mapping of Knowledge and Standards
    • Standards for Data Model (Right-sized, just relevant data)
    • Standards for Data Management and Integration (Establishing and keeping current digital Ecosystem
    • Security Standards and Protocols (AD, SSON,etc)