Owner Think Tank

The fragmentation of the industry causes misinformation, misalignment and lack of coordination. The design and construction processes of today are inefficient and broken. Leadership is critical in a time of change.

Owners are taking that leadership role and are becoming more engaged and committed to being a part of the project team and delivery process, so they can perform optimally. buildingSMART USA wants our Owner Think Tank Workgroup’s input to work with us to identify industry wide pain points so we can work to improve virtual design and construction processes from design, construction, operations and maintenance:

The objectives of these improvements could be as follows:

  • Improved visualization of Design.
  • Improved coordination of Construction.
  • Enhanced analysis of building systems and sustainability.
  • Higher quality design and construction deliverables.
  • Improved project communication and increased information transparency for project teams.
  • Re-usable models and asset data for managing the ongoing operations of The County’s facilities.
  • Establishment of a Lean process for Continuous Improvement.

Airport Owners and our bSUSA building industry committees will work together  to establish consensus-based standard processes to best leverage the benefits of open BIM and will work to establish project benchmarks and metrics to measure and compare efforts and return on investment.

We will work to:

  • Identify what customer values.
  • Optimize the whole, not individual silos.
  • Map the process to identify actions that add-value and those that have waste.
  • Eliminate waste.
  • Measure and track so we can learn.
  • Constant improvement through learnings.
  • Questions assumptions to make sure all actions add value.
  • Operate as a network of commitments between people rather than a chain of command.
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Our Goals are simple:

  • To respond to Airport Steering Committee Priorities and Needs
  • To provide Practical, Proven, Scalable and sustainable solutions

Cindy Baldwin, Chair of the Airport Industry Committee,  is also the facilitator of this Workgroup. If you are interested in participating in this group, please email her at cbaldwin@vdcotech.com.

You do NOT need to be a member of buildingSMART USA to participate in our Airport Committee Owner Think Tank.

Cindy Group

Chair Cindy Baldwin with VDCO Tech,  Simulation Workgroup Lead, Wade Martin with Balfour Beatty  working with Weitz Construction, Miller Legg, Trimble and Boston Dynamics on behalf of Owner Broward County Government.