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buildingSMART USA and BIMForum Join Forces to Accelerate the Adoption of Open Standards for the Construction Industry

The Power of Joining Forces

BIM Forum brings  –

  • A membership of lots of very skilled and motivated BIM users
  • A passionate and dedicated leadership team
  • A belief that open standards are necessary to enable data sharing and process optimization
  • Strategic relationships with AIA, AGC, DBIA and NIBS
  • Deep AEC domain expertise
  • Complimentary Intellectual Property  (e.g. Level of Development Specification)

buildingSMART USA offers –

  • International open standards and services that can be adopted in the US
  • Access to global peers via international Rooms, projects and teams
  • Access to the bSI technical community, tools and technology
  • Adjacent industry committees (Roads & Bridges, Airports) for cross fertilization of experience
  • Partnerships with other international standards organizations including OGC, ISO, GS1, DTC, etc.
  • A US Chapter organizational structure and operating model

Why Now ?

For the first time here in the US we have a convergence of “macro” industry forces that open a window of opportunity for unprecedented changes to our industry:

  • NIBS is spearheading a “National US BIM Plan” based upon the successful CDBB Framework promoting the adoption of ISO 19650 by US Industry
  • AASHTO has adopted IFC as a National Engineering Data Standard for roads and bridges
  • The Biden Administration has passed a $1+ trillion infrastructure spending bill
  • The CEO’s of leading US global software companies (ADSK, Bentley, Trimble, Esri) have gone on public record that support for open standards is strategic to the future of their business.

By joining forces we can be more efficient in applying our limited resources to have maximum impact on accelerating the digital transformation of the US built asset industry.

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