Solutions Provider Group

The Solutions Provider Group (SPG) is a permanent subcommittee of the Technical Committee, established to support the companies and developers who provide software AND hardware solutions for the built asst industry in the USA. It can be seen as a chapter-specific subset of the bSI General Assembly of Implementers here.

The primary goals of the SPG are:

  • Provide support to companies in the understanding and implementation of bSI technical standards;
  • Discover and collect implementation issues specific to the USA market, communicating them with bSI Technical Services and determining the best methods to solve them;
  • Recruitment of USA-based industry technology companies to broaden the support and implementation of bSI’s openBIM standards
  • Promote openBIM solutions and technology providers to the USA built asset industry


For more information about joining monthly SPG online meetings and becoming a member of bS-USA, please feel free to contact:

SPG Chair - Connor Christian, Procore Technologies, Inc.,
Technical Committee Chair - Jeffrey W. Ouellette, jō consulting,

Technical Community Communications:

bSI Community Forums

There is a Developers category and many subcategories for specific topics to ask questions, have open discussions, and relay information from bSI to the broader community

bSI General Assembly of Implementers Meetings 

Collection of presentation PDFs and recordings of past semi-annual General Assembly meetings

Calls for Project Participation

Various bSI standards (e.g., exchanges, schemas, technical specifications, etc.) are developed through the bSI Process which requires that software developers are integrated into the project as soon as possible to help demonstrate the feasibility and implementation of proposals before they are accepted as official bSI standards. This is a listing of open Calls for Participation in those projects. We actively encourage developers to seek out and join these efforts to help prove their potential and effectiveness in early prototypes and implementations.

Other projects of interest:

BIM for Bridges and Structures

Transportation Pooled Fund [TPF-5(372)]. A research project funded by the US FHWA and 25 US state transportation departments to develop BIM standards for the design, delivery, and management of bridges in the USA.

BIM for Infrastructure

Transportation Pooled Fund [TPF-5(480)]. A research project to develop BIM standards for the design, delivery, and management of road networks in the USA.

Case Studies

Annual bSI openBIM Awards Program

Projects and research into the application of bSI openBIM standards receiving the highest international recognition for merit among the bSI community. Vendors will find many examples of how bSI openBIM standards are used in real world workflows and projects of many project types and scales across building and infrastructure domains.

bSI Webinars

bS-USA Webinars

Technical Development Resources

IFC4.x Implementers Forum

The IFC 4.x Implementers Forum (IFC 4.x-IF) is a joint testing effort between software developers, end-users and IFC experts. Its objective is to accelerate and support the implementation of the IFC 4.3 standard, and inform the community about its overall implementation progress and results.

bSI GitHub

Official bSI GitHub portal for technical project repositories

bSI Technical Resources

Official bSI technical resource website

IFC Schema Database

Listing of, and links to, all official IFC specifications

MVD Database

Listing of IFC Model View Definitions including official bSI standard MVDs, as well as other proposed and/or implemented MVDs

bSI GitHub Example Files

Example of various IFC files including IFC2x3, IFC4, and IFC4.3. Curated by bSI technical community

Other IFC sample/example files, not officially associated with or endorsed by bSI or bS-USA, may be found at the following links:

IFC_Wiki Example Files

BIMMARS Example Files 

Use Case Management Service

This platform (UCMS) is the official portal for the establishment of interoperability use cases and their specific information exchange requirements. The UCMS helps to centralize ideas, share components, and provide information and requirements in a harmonized fashion so that solutions can be discussed and developed. A use case might represent an international, national, local, or even project, level workflow or process that can be standardized and solved with data exchange specifications and software implementations based on bSI openBIM standards.

Software Implementations and Certifications

buildingSMART International Standards Implementation Database

The database is an ongoing survey of applications and platforms that support such bSI standards as IFC, BCF, and bSDD. As more standards are developed and approved (e.g., IDS, openCDE for Docs, etc.), they will be added as well.

Software Certification

The centralized clearinghouse for buildingSMART standards software certification, providing general information and links to specific certification programs (e.g., IFC2x3 CV2.0 and IFC4 RV1.2).

Software Certification Participants

A listing of the companies and products pursuing certification and their status in the different certification programs