SPG (Solution Provider Group)



The Solution Provider Group (SPG) is a permanent subcommittee, established to support the companies and developers who provide software and hardware solutions for the USA built asset industry. It can be seen as a chapter-specific subset of the buildingSMART International General Assembly https://technical.buildingsmart.org/services/general-assembly-technical/ . The primary goals of the SPG are

  • Provide support to companies in the understanding and implementation of bSI technical standards;
  • Discover and collect implementation issues specific to the USA market, communicating them with bSI and determining the best methods to solve them;
  • Further recruitment of industry technology companies to broaden the support and implementation of bSI’s open standards.

Call to Action:

The Solution Provider Group is actively looking for participation and membership from industry hardware and software developers in the USA. This group aims to build a diverse representation of solution types that can benefit from openBIM standards, processes, and technologies in service to their customers.

Contact email(s):