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The US Data Dictionary (USDD) Working Group is a permanent subcommittee, established to focus on the development, implementation, and management of an ISO 12006-3 compliant data dictionary which captures, stores, and serves information about construction works for USA-centric content and manage its interaction with the buildingSMART Data Dictionary (bSDD) <link> service provided by buildingSMART International. The primary goals of the USDD WG are:

  • Independent, neutral, and open ownership and governance of a USA-centric, national standard data dictionary (the USDD) to centralize, harmonize, and standardized built asset industry terminology, definitions, and mappings to various classifications (e.g. OmniClass, UniFormat, MasterFormat, etc.) and schemas (e.g. IFC, LandXML, CityGML, etc.). The ownership and governance through bS-USA ensures that the USDD and its content remain open to all national industry end users to access and use in their BIM-based implementations;
  • Continued development/expansion of the USDD though consensus input from a wide range of built asset industry stakeholders (e.g. owners/operators, contractors, designers, engineers, product manufacturers, etc.).
  • Continued maintenance – formatting, quality control, editing – of the USDD to ensure quality in meeting industry requirements;
  • Acting as the official USDD Agency to interact with the bSDD service which is contracted to store and serve the content, as well as providing editing and quality control tools and access to end users via web services and APIs for software developers to embed functionality in their products;
  • Designation of technical leads, also known as ‘Agents’, to perform Agency duties as directed by the USDD WG members.

Call to Action:

The USDD Working Group is actively seeking participation and membership from technical experts and BIM content owners in the USA. This includes government agencies and private companies that wish to publish standardized model-based information for project delivery providers to use in their software tools.

Contact email(s):

Current Working Group Members:

Aaron Costin, University of Florida – Chair
Marina Muller, University of Florida
Robert Anderson, Matrix Design, Inc.